TEDxManhattan Challenge 2013

TEDxManhattan is pleased to launch the TEDxManhattan Challenge – we challenge you to work with a group of people in your community anywhere in the United States on a project related to sustainable food and farming. Start a garden at a senior center; start a farmers market; develop a cooking class at your child’s school; create a Food Policy Council in your city. Be creative!

Let us know what you’re doing to change the way you eat in your community – the project deemed the most impactful will win the opportunity to speak live on the 2013 TEDxManhattan stage. You can watch our 2012 winner, Howard Hinterthuer, speak about the Veteran’s Food Production Program/Organic Therapy Project.

• You can develop a new project or work on an already existing one. The judges will be looking for impact, not size, so develop a project that will have a positive impact in some part of your community.
• You must work with other people in your community. (You can define community as you see fit.)
• You must register your project at www.tedxmanhattan.org/challenge.
• You must create a name for your project.
• Applications must be received by October 1, 2012.
• Your project does not have to be completed by the end of the year, but you must have had some type of impactful result from your work by that time.
• A number of finalists will be chosen by October 15, 2012. Finalists will be required to send a follow-up report by November 1, 2012. Winner will be announced in December.
• The project deemed the most impactful will be given at least three minutes at the TEDxManhattan 2012 event. Only one person can speak from stage.
• Everyone who applies agrees to have their information on the TEDxManhattan website and gives TEDxManhattan permission to publicize/promote the projects underway.

Please note: The prize is the chance to speak on stage and one free ticket for the day. The winner will be responsible for transportation to and from the event.

Change Food is a nonprofit whose mission is to connect and transform the food we eat, the people who produce it, and the world in which it is grown. To read and learn more, visit The Guide to Good Food blog. 

One response to “TEDxManhattan Challenge 2013

  1. Healthy Balanced Future

    Reblogged this on Captain Ty the Health Guy and commented:
    I loved watching the TEDxManhattan Changing the way we eat this winter. It introduced me to some amazing minds and concepts, like the Green Bronx Machine. It would be great to get something going locally with Cape Fear Food Revolution that would qualify for this contest. What do you think? Let’s do it!

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