Tama Matsuoka Wong Brings Foraged Flavor to Hearst Cafe

Hearst employees got a chance yesterday to try some dishes using wild plants foraged by TEDxManhattan speaker – and professional forager – Tama Matsuoka Wong, of Meadows and More.

Tama shows off fried chicken with za'atar.

Tama shows off fried chicken with za’atar.

Tama visited the Hearst Cafe, along with TEDxManhattan organizer Diane Hatz, and helped the staff there whip up fried chicken with za’atar (made with foraged wild sumac) and winter cauliflower soup with crushed juniper berries, also foraged by Tama.  The delicious dishes sold out, while Tama explained to the lunchtime crowd that wild sumac and juniper berries can both be foraged locally, and that wild sumac is high in antioxidants.

Attendees at TEDxManhattan will be able to try Tama’s homemade za’atar during lunch.  If you want to try making fried chicken with za’atar, the recipe is in her book, Foraged Flavor, written with Eddy Leroux, chef de cuisine at Restaurant Daniel.

A lucky tweeter during Tama’s TEDxManhattan talk, as well as some viewing party attendees, will win a copy of the book – click for more information.  TEDxManhattan takes place February 16 – you can watch online or look for a viewing party near you.

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