Make Changes in Your Community with Ali Berlow’s “The Food Activist Handbook”

Change Food believes that every individual plays a role in transforming our food system into one where healthy and sustainable food are accessible to all. And in recent years, thanks to leaders in the food movement, more and more people are learning about the realities of our current food system and our roles within it. However, you may be left wondering: what can I personally do to make an impact within my own community?

No matter how old you are, where you live, or how busy you may be, The Food Activist Handbook offers the information, tools, and resources for you to get involved. Author Ali Berlow offers practical advice that can be heeded by anyone, not just the wealthy or those with ample free time. The Food Activist Handbook is an inclusive, no-nonsense guide “to help you energize and organize your local food system and create better access to healthy food for everyone.” The way we eat determines the way we interact with the environment, the economy, our neighbors, and our own bodies. And we are all responsible for whether or not these interactions are healthy, beneficial, and progressive.


The Food Activist Handbook makes it easy to spark real change in your community.

So what exactly can you do? Each chapter of The Food Activist Handbook offers information on topics from labor and immigration justice, to composting, to getting healthier foods in your local school cafeteria. The Handbook reads as an instruction manual meets call-to-arms, and spotlights organizations and individuals across the country who are already working to change their community food systems, as well as their advice for you.

With diagrams, illustrations, poems, discussion questions, reading/film suggestions, and much more, Berlow has made it so easy to act up that we can no longer make excuses to not get involved. If you’re really pressed for time, but are still interested in food activism, the book includes a full index so you can read by topic.

The Food Activist Handbook should be on everyone’s shelf, from the simply curious to the full-fledged active citizen. The information is presented clearly and concisely enough so that the reader can choose to either binge read or take it section-by-section. And it’s not abstract or high-falutin — it’s down-to-earth, easy-to-follow, inspiring, tangible advice. If you’ve been looking for a way to be more active in your community, this is the book for you. The Food Activist Handbook is the perfect guide to get you started on a new project in the coming year. Get ahead on your New Years Resolutions and purchase a copy today. Then tell your friends and family about it. Be a part of something great — be a Food Activist.


Author Ali Berlow writes passionately about local food systems.

Ali Berlow is also the author of “The Mobile Poultry Slaughterhouse” and the essay series “A Cook’s Notebook,” which has aired on NPR. She is the Executive Director of Island Grown Initiative, a non-profit that supports the small family farms and farmers of Martha’s Vineyard. Ali and her husband Sam Berlow co-own Edible Vineyard, a magazine dedicated to the community of Martha’s Vineyard. To learn more, visit


Change Food is a nonprofit whose mission is to connect and transform the food we eat, the people who produce it, and the world in which it is grown. To read and learn more, visit The Guide 2 Good Food blog.  

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