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Mouth-Watering Images of Monthly Produce Make Eating In-Season a Work of Art

Eating locally and in season is good for the planet, your local economy, and your body. “Locavore” chefs in the best restaurants around the world are adapting their menus to appeal to this sustainable and in-style way of eating (as foods taste better when they are appropriately ripe), influencing the consumption patterns of thousands and therefore the future of our food systems. All around, consuming foods produced within a one hundred mile radius from where you eat is a responsible way to interact with your environment.

Now it’s easy on the eyes as well. Artists Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin have done it again: the duo that brought us Food Maps, a series of photographs depicting the crops produced region by region around the world, has produced a new series of stunning images entitled Food Scans.

August’s range of juicy tomatoes (credit: Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin)

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Change Food and Purpose Host “Storytelling and Food” Event

Change Food recently teamed up with Foodstand, a project of Purpose, to present “Storytelling and Food,” an event that asked the question, “What power do stories have in creating a better food system?”

We heard from five artists working in a variety of media, each of whom shared their work and how they are using it to make people think, question, learn, or, in the words of one presenter, “re-engage with food.” After the presentations, a panel discussion explored the role of art in the food movement.

Tattfoo Tan

Tattfoo Tan

Artist Tattfoo Tan uses a variety of media and platforms to develop “projects that are ephemeral and conceptual in nature.” The projects he shared grew out of his desire to learn how to eat better. “Everything I do is for my own good,” he told the audience.

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